Yesterday morning, I headed out on an early(ish) morning run before the kids were awake.  Well, OK, one kid was awake, but the other one was still sleeping.  I wanted to squeeze in a couple of miles before we headed out to run errands.  I created a new route in the neighborhood, and completed 3.1 miles in 32.38 – a new PR! – sort of.

photo (3)

I mean, it’s definitely the fastest 5K I’ve ever run… but it was a training run.  So does it count?  I’ve only ever run one 5K race, back in January – my first run after the baby was born – and the time wasn’t great.  I think it was just over 40 minutes.  I generally run longer distances in races because I like having a medal when I’m done, LOL.

Can I count a training time as a PR?  Should I register for another 5K to get an official PR?  How do you classify it when your best runs happen in training?

Tomorrow I start a week-long summer institute (professional development) for work.  I’m not sure how I’m going to get my training runs in this week.  I’m already going to have to get up super early – I’ll need to leave my house no later than 7 to be on time to the training – so I don’t think running in the mornings will be possible.  High temps this week are supposed to be in the upper 90s/near 100, so outdoor running in the evenings doesn’t sound like a great idea.  And I don’t own a treadmill or have easy access to one.  I may have to suck it up and get up extra early 2 days this week since I have a 10K on Saturday.

How do you handle it when other obligations get in the way of your training?  How early is “too early” to run?  How hot is “too hot”?

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One thought on “A PR?

  1. I think you can run early, as long as it’s not dark, you run in a safe area, and don’t wear your headphones (most attacks happen at dawn!). How hot is too hot?? Well, it’s been pushing past 100 here, and I’m still able to manage my training runs, but only if I am really well hydrated and push the electrolytes. Take it easy, though, listen to your body! Good luck!!

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