Get Fit Boot Camp

Tonight was night 1 of a 4-week “Get Fit” boot camp I signed up for through FIT Lifestyle & Nutrition.  I’m really bad about not ever cross-training, but right now my goal is to get my average pace down and my endurance up, and some cross-training is an absolute necessity.  So I headed out just before 7pm for the first session: the FIT test.  Let me add, it was still 100 degrees outside at 7pm.

There were a ton of people out tonight.  The FIT test consisted of a warm-up/calisthenics (similar to the Insanity warm-up), 1 minute of push ups, 1 minute of sit-ups, and a timed mile run.

Remember how I just said I’m bad about cross-training?  Yeah… my initial numbers reflect it.  I managed a grand total of 12 push ups (and not even real push ups, the “girly” kind with my knees on the ground) in one minute, and only 27 sit-ups.

But I’m a runner.  And despite the 100 degree weather, I ROCKED that mile run.

(insert Garmin photo…. oh wait, the stupid Garmin didn’t lock on the satellites until the last 50 meters, so I have no photo evidence or accurate record of the run… I started the Nike+ app on my phone about 40 seconds before we started running so the time is wrong.)

But y’all… I ran that mile in 8:36.  EIGHT MINUTES AND THIRTY-SIX SECONDS.  The last time I ran a sub-9 mile, I was a 17-year-old junior in high school on the varsity track team.  Seriously.  That’s a full minute faster than my best recent training split, too.  And we ran on the track, so the distance was exact.

I’m still in shock.  I think it happened because I didn’t have the Garmin running, so I had no idea what my pace was… which means I didn’t talk myself out of running that sub-9 pace.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to be up to run 5@5 with the Rockwall Running Club… but if that doesn’t happen, I’m running 4 miles at 6:30a.  It just depends on how the baby sleeps tonight.

What’s your best mile time to date?  Have you ever surprised yourself with a run? 

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One thought on “Get Fit Boot Camp

  1. Congrats on your sub-9! That’s awesome. Sometimes I turn the pace clock off on my watch and just run. It’s crazy how much I look at that watch when running!

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