Fitness Survey {Link up!}

Today’s post is inspired by Sarah at How My World Runs.  She’s starting… uh, resuming a monthly fitness link up!  Details at the bottom on how to contact Sarah if you want to participate next month.  

fitness survey

Now, on to this month’s questions!

  • What is your favorite healthy and filling breakfast?  Truth be told, I’m not really a breakfast person.  I eat breakfast during the school year (I need my energy to deal with teenagers all day long) and on race days.  Occasionally, I’ll eat breakfast on a normal summer day.  Usually, I eat oatmeal (I try for steel-cut oats rather than quick-cook or instant) with some sort of protein (single egg or preservative-free, nitrate-free sausage or bacon) or toast with peanut butter & fruit.
  • What keeps you motivated?  Registering for races keeps me running, especially during the summer – I won’t push myself unless I’ve laid out money for a race.  Right now, to add to the upcoming races, I just spend several hundred dollars on new work clothes because I’ve lost 30+ lbs since January, and I donated all of the bigger clothes to a local charity last weekend.  If I gain weight, I won’t be able to dress for work, and that would be a problem!
  • What’s your favorite way to change up your routine?  Right now, I’d have to say the addition of boot camp for strength/agility training.  I like that someone else is coming up with my workouts for me, so I’m forced to push myself out of my comfort zone.  I also like to find new running routes for training, but that can be hard with the limited time I have to run these days.
  • What’s your go-to “get back on track” tip?  LOG EVERYTHING!  When I get lax about logging my food & exercise in MyFitnessPal (and especially the food part), I find that I get off track.  To get back on, I start logging everything again.  Every.Single.Thing.  The accountability gets me back out running, but also gets me to stop eating out, drinking as much soda, etc.  
  • What’s your favorite distance to race?  Hmm, either 15K or half marathon.  I’m leaning towards 15K since I can do that without having to stop to walk, but I’ve yet to make it through a half without some walking. 
  • Name one thing on your fitness bucket list.  Right now, to run a half without stopping to walk.  I hope to accomplish it this fall.
  • Best reason for living a healthy lifestyle  It might sound cheesy, but to set a good example for my kids.  My husband & I have both struggled with good eating habits, good exercise habits, and our weights for a good chunk of our adult lives, and it’s because of how we were raised.  I don’t want my kids to have those same struggles, so we try to eat home-cooked, healthy(er) foods and set an example for good fitness habits.
  • Favorite workout at the gym or home (push ups, crunches, etc)?  Besides running, I’d have to say yoga.  But I don’t do it nearly as much as I should.
  • Show us your shoes!  Take a picture of your fitness shoe pile!  I just shared all my shoes yesterday, but here’s a repeat of the ones I currently wear.  🙂   (Top row – Mizunos for cross training, Altras for everyday wear; Bottom row – Sauconys for running)

P1010895 P1010893 P1010898


To participate in next month’s fitness survey link up, email Sarah – the link is at the bottom of her fitness survey post on How My World Runs.


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One thought on “Fitness Survey {Link up!}

  1. Love your motivation! I gave away my big clothes and I’m not going back!

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