Fitness Survey {Link Up}

As always, the monthly fitness survey is brought to you by the Triple S Bloggers of Sara, Shelly, and Sarah.

fitness survey

1. How do you stay on track during busy times? Ugh, I don’t know.  I’m really struggling with this one right now.  Between work & the time change, I’m having a really hard time getting my weekday runs in.  I need to figure something out!  Apparently, just having a race (or races) on the horizon isn’t enough anymore, lol!

2.  What have you done to make your favorite holiday recipes healthy? We’ve been using some Paleo cookbooks to find healthier alternatives to the holiday favorites… but mostly, I just try to watch my portion sizes on holidays and enjoy the once or twice a year splurge. 🙂

3.  Will you run a Turkey Trot this year?  Yep, I’m planning on it.  Quite possibly as my first race with the kids in the double stroller, since I think the husband might run it too.

4.  Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider? Because Coffee is a given! Apple cider all the way!  I’m the freak who doesn’t like chocolate!

5.  What is your best race times? So far – 2:20 in a half marathon, 1:44 in a 15K, 1:03 in a 10K, and 28.44 in a 5K.  I’m hoping to beat that half marathon time on New Year’s Eve.

6.  What is your favorite race you’ve ever done? Hands down, the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2012.  Disney races aren’t for everyone – 19000 people, many of whom are running their first half using the Galloway run-walk method and don’t understand race etiquette, can be a bit overwhelming.  But the fireworks at the start, the amazing on-course entertainment, running through 2 Disney parks, the bling… it was AWESOME!

7. Have you ever run a race in a costume? (Post a picture if you have it) Nope, never.  But if I ever run another Disney race, I probably will.  🙂

8. If you run in cold weather, what’s the one piece of gear you can’t live without? Running gloves and something to cover my ears.  I can’t stand it when my ears or hands are cold.

Link up with us!  Or just answer the survey questions yourself in a comment!  The link-up link is on Sarah’s blog,

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